Our difference

Why Somontano?

Somontano is the ideal solution to ensure the continuity of your company, to do a smooth transmission, adjusted to your needs and interests and a quick, confidential transaction that cares for people.

We are the ideal successors to continue your business project.

Quick transaction

Somontano’s partners have the financial capacity to undertake the proposed investment quickly. In addition, we have access to multiple Spanish, European and American investors that allow us to obtain liquidity for the transaction and the subsequent expansion of the business.

Long-term vision

At Somontano we are committed to the long-term sustainability of the acquired company and to the legacy created by the founders.

We seek to invest in the real economy, to grow the company in the long term, not to speculate with a short-term operation.

Transition adapted to your interests

At Somontano we will tailor the transition to your interests: we will assume the day-to-day management from the first moment and we will make a smooth transition of your knowledge and values. 

We do not ask for very long periods of permanence, nor that it be left in charge of the company. We want your knowledge and that you have time to enjoy other activities.

Personal attention

At Somontano we are, above all, people, who care about the impact that the sale of a company can have on people.

We are professionals and investors who are experts in the acquisition of SMEs, we know the importance of the team, to give it confidence and we have and want to enhance the existing team.